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Free Solavei Sim Cards Are Available At Our Solavei Dealer Locations All Over The United States


Get your Solavei sim card today from a local Solavei dealer near you. Enter your zip code in the box in the upper right hand corner of the page to search for the Solavei dealer near you. If there is not a Solavei dealer in your area you can sign up and be listed in our Solavei dealer locator for only $49/month including your Solavei phone service with unlimited talk, text, and data on a nationwide 4G network! There may be a Solavei dealer in your area that sells Solavei and has Solavei sim cards in stock. Please enter your zip code in the box above to search for a Solavei distributor near you. If there are not any Solavei dealers in your area you can enroll in Solavei with us and we will mail your free Solavei sim card to you. Then we can add you to our Solavei store locator and you will be the Solavei dealer listed in your area. Own your own Solavei dealership for only $49/month including your unlimited phone service with talk, text, and nationwide 4G data! Be sure to contact us to get the Solavei sim card number and activate it so you don't have to pay the regular $9 sim card charge that Solavei charges. Just fill out the form above.


We promote Solavei dealers that offer Solavei service at their store. If you are a wireless dealer with a storefront and would like to be a Solavei distributor please click here to create an Unlock to Talk account and we will send you information right away. Solavei sim packs are available so you can activate customers with Solavei on the spot and they can walk out the door with service. If you activate 54 customers with Solavei you get paid at least $25/month for each customer you signed up and you could earn much more because your customers also become Solavei distributors working for you. You get paid automatically when your customers refer others to Solavei. There is no other carrier that even comes close to the compensation you get with Solavei. Become a Solavei Master Dealer with free advertising on UnlocktoTalk.com and 49PhoneDealers.com. Our Solavei Master Dealers will also get a free website with shopping cart and Solavei marketing system, wholesale prices on phones that are preloaded in your online store and dropshipped to your customers for you, along with automated unlock codes on your website that are processed automatically through our API and you get the same price we pay without any markup. We are committed to making sure all of our Solavei Master Dealers succeed with Solavei. When you succeed, so do we. This is why we have built so many tools to assist you.


You do not need to have a store to be a Solavei distributor. Every Solavei customer has the same opportunity to share Solavei with others and earn monthly income. If you join our Solavei network we will give you a free listing in our Solavei dealer locator and in our new Solavei dealer directory at 49PhoneDealers.com. Anyone you enroll may also create a free listing in our Solavei dealers directory so that they will also get leads which will help you build your Solavei network. When someone in your local area searches the Solavei distributor locator or Solavei distributor directory for the Solavei dealer closest to them they will find you!


You can order Solavei sim card packs in your Solavei account so that when someone wants to get a Solavei sim card you can give it to them and activate their Solavei service on the spot. Since we are the USA leader in cell phone unlocking we can give you the best prices on cell phone unlock codes. If you join our Solavei team we will unlock your own phone for free and we will give you a free member account with unlock codes at our cost. We care more about building our Solavei network than making a profit on unlock codes so we will give you unlock codes for the same price we pay to make it easier for you to get people to sign up for Solavei and keep the phone they already have. Click here for your free cell phone unlock code with Solavei activation.


We offer free Solavei marketing websites and Solavei marketing tools to assist everyone in our Solavei network with their business. If you join our top Solavei team you will get a free website with a shopping cart to sell phones and a built in Solavei marketing system with lead capture forms for your down line. Anyone in your Solavei downline can quickly create a profile on your website to have their own free Solavei landing pages in less than 5 minutes. They can then purchase a domain name and forward it to the page they have created on your website so that they have their own free Solavei marketing website. We will install and host your Solavei marketing website for free, and we will even pay for your domain name. You can view an example website at FreePhoneCart.com. We also have a free marketing system for Solavei already built for you at 49Member.com where you can create a free Solavei landing page right now to share Solavei with friends and family to earn monthly income and eliminate your phone bill.


Join the best Solavei team for the best opportunity for success with Solavei. Having been in business for the last 7 years we have one of the longest term online presence websites in the entire Solavei community with the highest search engine rankings. This means we have a lot of traffic and we are an authority website which increases rankings for websites we link to. This means we will be generating traffic to your website and free Solavei leads for you. If you are in our Solavei network we will be linking to you, along with links to the Solavei dealer locator and Solavei dealer directory you will be listed in. We offer more free Solavei marketing tools and free Solavei websites than any other team in Solavei. We are committed to assisting you in succeeding with Solavei and earning at least $1000/month. Please fill out the form below so we can let you know all about Solavei and how we will assist you with your Solavei business.